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Breaking Bread: Poems

Catherine Marenghi’s poetry chapbook Breaking Bread is rich with themes that inspire all her work: Family, love, loss, and the search for home. It includes several poems previously published in literary journals, including the award-winning poem “Letter to My Son in Brooklyn.”

Breaking Bread

“Breaking Bread is filled with precise moments that move us into a world of grace and redemption.  In her deft poet’s hands, these remnants of our everyday world become, as she says, ‘as audible as the rain / and as clear as the distant sky.’”

– Mary Katherine Wainwright, poet, author of A Taste of Salt

“Catherine Marenghi’s debut chapbook, Breaking Bread, is honed and tightly chiseled with all the skill of a sculptor. With her welcoming and accessible lyricism, Marenghi invites us into a retrospective on the bonds of a life, loss, and longing.”

– Bonnie Larson Staiger, poet, author, Destiny Manifested

“A certain immediacy of voice persuades us in Breaking Bread. This collection about family relationships is anchored in an extended metaphor, using the living world as palette, until all is, at last, ‘shored away like seeds in a silo.’ Marenghi’s precision and musicality are compelling.”

– Kathryn Jordan, poet, author of Riding Waves